“You have here a script that feels like Frankenstein mashed up with Perfume. It has that gothic feel… in which the darkness drives the story… with a strange yet real love story playing out in the background. Your voice as a writer is quite strong, and it gives us something fresh. You sound different, special, and a treat in a drab world of generic scripts. It definitely showcases your innate ability to create a mood and tone in a horror screenplay. It also shows the depth to which you can create characters and the world you wish for them to inhabit. I think you have something special here.”

“Script Coverage from Script Pipeline”

“A very compelling and provocative story…the writing is very skilled dealing with complex feelings, the characters and dialogue are excellent…the atmospheric elements are beautiful…a very gutsy story…Ms. Vaughn is not afraid to go the dark places of the human psyche…a story we haven’t seen before.”

                           — Dara Marks (Top Hollywood Script Doctor)

“This was a very unique thriller with its own distinctive style. It combines art with horror retaining gruesome and frightening moments and images to appease fans of the genre while incorporating themes dealing with art, sex, and death. The tone of the piece reminded me very much of BLACK SWAN and PERFUME. You tell a good story with a very original method and style.

 — Professional Script Reader (Sundance Table-Read Contest)

“Your script has real market potential. The story is practically poetry in its visual storytelling. I can really see every character in this script and I almost never get a chance to say that. Your dialogue works extremely well. You do skate on the edge of being deliberately mysterious – a little like David Mamet. Your sense of visual action and visual storytelling is some of the best I’ve seen, ever.”

                                        — Howard Allen (Script Doctor/Screenplay Instructor)